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Classroom training

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Live virtual classroom

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Self-paced video training

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Solr_Logo_on_whiteApache Lucene/Solr is the world’s most popular search engine. Lucene is the engine itself, while Solr is the search server making it easy to build applications. The technology is free software and will often outperform expensive proprietary solutions. Read more about Solr at offers education and tailored training for Apache Solr and Lucene as detailed in the figure below.

Solr Training courses


Description of each course

Solr developersolr-developer-image

Prerequisites: “Software developer, XML”

Target group: Developers who will implement a search solution using Solr

This 2-day course starts from scratch, and gives the skills necessary for developing a real search application using Solr. We go in-depth on configuring Solr including FieldTypes and Analysis, linguistic processing, parsing rich document formats, crawling file systems and advanced querying. We also go through the basics of relevancy tuning.


  • Introduction to search, Apache, Open Source & Lucene/Solr
  • Terminology, Solr features & capabilities
  • Admin UI tour
  • Solr architecture overview
  • Mini tutorial – index & query
  • Querying and query parsers
  • Planning the search application
  • Case-study: Yellow Pages
  • Text Analysis
  • More Solr features
  • Advanced querying
  • Lucene basics
  • Relevancy
  • GEO search
  • Document Routing & shard affinity
  • Advanced Faceting & statistics
  • Parent/Child & join
  • TermVectors, MLT, Clustering
  • Streaming expressions & SQL
  • DocValues
  • Best practices
  • Extending Solr

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Solr Ops, Scaling & Tuning

Row of network servers in data center
Prerequisites: “None, but some Linux and shell experience is a plus”

Target group: Everyone involved in installing, operating, scaling and securing a Solr cluster.

This two-day course starts with an introduction to Solr and then teaches the student how to install Solr for production, including ZooKeeper and security. We then learn various operational procedures and how to scale SolrCloud for best performance.


  • Introduction to search, Apache, Open Source & Lucene/Solr
  • Terminology, Solr features & capabilities
  • Admin UI tour
  • Solr architecture overview
  • Mini tutorial – index & query
  • Querying and query parsers
  • Installation of ZooKeeper and Solr
  • Cluster configuration, start, stop
  • Managing ZooKeeper & collections
  • Backup / restore
  • Upgrading Solr
  • Securing Solr cluster with TLS / SSL
  • Securing ZK operations
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Feeding efficiency
  • Query & cache tuning
  • Benchmarking performance
  • HW and JVM options
  • Adding nodes and Autoscaling
  • Multiple Data Centers

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Tailored training

Do the above offerings not match your needs? We offer workshop-style training tailored to your specific needs.

Perhaps you have developers who already know Solr pretty well, but need to get to the next level in utilizing the product or need insight into tuning relevancy, connecting to a certain set of data sources or similar.

Also for customers using Microsoft FAST ESP or Sharepoint search, we can tailor a training which switches between theory and implementation and thereby bringing your FAST developers up to to speed in the shortest time possible.

Note that this is not a replacement for the courses, and staff who are new to search should always start with the introduction course and then move on to custom training. Take this opportunity to make yourself independent from consultants by quickly understanding how search works.

Scheduled for your company on-site, on-demand.

Registration, individual participants

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Price per seat: NOK 14.000,- (USD 1.750) for 2 days

Registration for on-site training

To order on-site training for your company, fill in the contact form with your details and we’ll get back to you.

Price: NOK 36.000,- per day (USD 4.500)

Virtual training

Instructor-led virtual classroom training is also available on demand.

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